The days 20 to 29 in the months.

I hate them. I really, really do. I can be a very superstitious. I have a bit of a dark side, not much of one, but I do. Midnight is the best part of the day. Full moons excite me and I love all Friday the 13ths. I however,  do not like 20 to 29th of the month. 

Everything that was bad that has happened to me, has been within those days. Personal things that I had to think about, losing mama, losing by brother and more. I cringe when Jolie says she’s going out or driving somewhere, on these days. I cringe when Jager calls and says he got called out and it’s 2 am. When my phone rings, I close my eyes and pray. Hoping it is nothing bad.

My therapist said I can’t control that fear and I just need to trust that things are out of my hands. I must conquer things and have the faith and courage to hit things head on. 

How can. Things I want to say, but can’t. Days I don’t want to face, but have to. Things I don’t want to remember, but have no choice. Sigh. 

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