Where you at?

 Well, I haven’t written since November and so much has changed in every aspect of my life. Rather than show you how I got from there to here, I’ll just tell you where I’m at.

My love life tends to be the most interesting topic of conversation, so I’ll start there.

Demetrius, the teacher at work that I was sleeping with, has backed off completely. Maybe he senses that I’m seeing someone else… either way, I miss his friendship (and his sex), but I understand that his romantic feelings for me make him a little more fragile than me. 

Which brings me to the next name on the list… Gatis. Gatis and I actually met a few months ago on an online dating app. He’s from Latvia, has the sexiest accent and he looks like a Viking… tall and broad-shouldered with blonde hair and blue eyes. Truth be told, I can’t believe he’s into me… he feels way out of my league. I have mixed feelings about where things are with Gatis and I. I like him a lot, but sometimes I feel like he’s not as into me as I am him. There has been no mention of me meeting his friends or seeing where he lives… At times it feels like maybe he’s just a private person. Other times it feels secretive. Maybe a cultural difference?

My biggest issue, honestly, is that I don’t see him as often as I typically see a guy when we first start dating. I don’t mean we need to spend the night together every night, but talking daily, seeing each other every couple days, spending the night together a couple times a week… that feels normal. With Gatis, though, we see each once a week and text a few times a day… Maybe he really is just busy. To be perfectly honest, I’m used to being the busy one and everyone else being at my disposal. Maybe this is healthier? I’m trying to quit being such a brat…

But pay attention to meeeee….

3 thoughts on “Where you at?”

  1. That’s something new, right? You meet someone who’s a lot like you and you feel awkward. I’ve heard many times that opposites attract. Recently, I read some article that said that opposites do attract, but their relationship never works out and that we should look for people who are similar to us. If you think this feeling is new to you, maybe you should talk to him about it. I don’t know how close you guys are right now, but I guess everything can be solved if you have a pleasant, honest conversation. I hope my comment will be helpful to you. Take care and be happy!

  2. Thanks, Steve! I actually just texted him a few minutes ago and we talked a little… He moved a few weeks ago and I told him I would be happy to come help organize once he got in (I’m an organization nerd)…Well today I asked him if he got all settled in and he said not at all, things are still in boxes. So I jokingly said “Well, I did offer to help!” to which he said “Thank you, but I’m particular about my stuff.” From there I brought up the observation that he seems more private that me, based on the fact that I’ve never seen where he lives or been invited to meet any of his friends… To be sure he didn’t think I was trying to pry, I told him, ” I know I’m pretty open. When I like someone I want them involved in my life.You just seem more… cautious?”

    At any rate, he responded well and said it isn’t about me, but that he thinks maybe growing up as an only child made him that way. He said he would work on it. That’s something 🙂

  3. I’m glad you found someone that you’re into. It really can take time to find the person that you worry about. For me, it was “cole” I hope that he can open up soon, and work on the only child thing. Most people would see this as an opportunity to leave, but you want to keep things going. I love the fact that you didn’t give up at the first signs of trouble. I encourage you to stay hopeful and positive. and I wish for the best.

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