Woke up at around 9. What woke me up was that my cousins and aunt were making when they came round. My Mum and aunt in particular. They’re very loud people. Did my makeup and got dressed to go to town with my parents where there was a lot of people dressed up in costumes wearing masks. Ah the carnival days! Doughnuts everywhere! I decided that I really like the idea of dressing up. Kids are also adorable wearing costumes. My younger cousin, Bobby was a dinosaur. He’s 2. In town we had ice-cream and coffee. Then my aunt took my sister, my two cousins and myself to the hair-salon. Bobby needed a haircut so I had to sit there and wait for him to be done to take him to our house because my aunt was having a hairdo done after that. There was this really hot, popular guy in the hair-salon as well. He had acne and, for some reason, that made him look even more handsome. I wish my acne worked that way. Anyway, I know he’s an asshole pretty much, but I don’t care. He looked very good. His face was always in that sort of expression that made him look obtuse though.

Anyway, I took Bobby home with me. I felt like a mother. He was so small and I looked so cute carrying a rucksack of all of his things on my back. When we got home, I had a doughnut.

Later, I watched How Clean is Your House?. I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid. I vacuumed my room and tidied up the bathroom a bit. Not because I had watched the show, but because I had planned to do it earlier. My room is never really dirty, there’s just books and clothes and some dust on the floor. Then Hailey came over to make this poster for French class. It’s a poster about clothes and style with names of clothing items and accessories with pictures. We did a great job, really! Then we went out for coffee and she had to pay a part of mine because my Dad hadn’t had any dough on him to give me. When I got home. I ate, then watched another episode of How Clean is Your House?. It’s impossible to do both at the same time, really.
I brushed my teeth, depilated my legs with my depilator, took a shower, and put moisturiser on my legs. Went to bed.

Dad refuses to order any of the fucking Adrian Mole diaries or any other book. I am desperate. Also, my right breast is so much bigger than my left one. It’s always sort of sore and that worries me. I have seen a doctor about it about 5 months ago. It’s really very uncomfortable nevertheless, both raising my arm or moving my shoulder and wondering why it hurts.

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