Day 25 – 30 Days of Discipline

Our house is a disaster….I know we’re in renovation mode, but damn, it’s just a train wreck in here.  Every morning the top of the stove is covered in a layer of dust, the floor is gritty; even the cupboard doors are dusty.

And do I care?  Nope, not a damn bit!  I tried, but eventually you just give in and let the mess take over; and then the happiness arrives.  You can sit in the middle of it, drink coffee and eat rice crackers….and it feels fantastic!  

I am purging my pantry and cleaning it out.  There were items that expired years and years ago.  Proud to realize they are so old because we don’t eat bad crap anymore.  So now, the shelves look empty, and that makes me happy.  😊

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