Day 363 – School, dreams and Megg

Friday, February 24th 2017

Today was alright.

I started with art and we continued painting our faces. Mine is eh. Some days I don’t want to do it at all, other days it’s a bit fun.

I then had English class. We continued reading our book then continued our project. I have a good idea of my board game. It’s sort of Town of Salem meets Clue, kinda. There’s roles and most are to take down the thought criminal, but there’s neutral people like the prole.

At lunch I sat with Kohai and we discussed dreams. She discussed how she experienced sleep paralysis and I talked about a really vivid dream I had about celebirties (specifically Colin Farrell dressed as Percival Graves, finding me awesome at first, but then thinking I’m a weird fangirl—accurate—then dreaming of my last semester teacher talking to a senior male volleyball team, then having Kohai tell me she is actually the coach for that team without me knowing. Guess it was at the back of my head and my brain decided to emit that into my dream.)

I then had a substitute for psychology, so I continued my board game after some quick work, then I had another in French and I continued reading the book before working on editorials. Kohai and I had the idea to try and eat cheddar cheese before going to bed, since it can have an affect on dreams. The most common occurrence for cheddar is dreaming of celebs. I’m also gonna try and record myself dreaming to see if I mutter anything. I’m really curious to see what I’ll end up dreaming of and if I remained silent or not while sleeping. Because of the dream topic I managed to write a script for my first YouTube video. I’ll complete it after the “expirement”.

At home I tried to make a game work so I can help on the server, but couldn’t, then talked to Megg about how leaders get more recognition, his job and a few other things. He says he wasn’t as satisfied with our talk, but I prefered this talk, since it was more casual and talking about whatever comes to mind. I don’t really like the advice, telling each other what our friendship means and etc. To me doing that is less of a friendship and becomes more of a formal kind of relationship. Yes, we can talk about how we mean to each other, but… take Kohai for example, we usually only say things like these after we helped the other a lot with something or after an emotional situation. At the end we’ll say “ily <3 (hug)” and I kind of prefer things like that. With Megg we already do it by saying “it was good talking to you”. Just things like that. I much prefer that. I know Megg prefers otherwise, but that’s the complication there. I feel like Megg wouldn’t be as satisfied if we didn’t talk about encouraging each other often, but if we do then I get bored. I already talked about this with him a couple of times to a certain extent, but it keeps repeating a little. I told him today that he may talk about his plans and I’ll encourage him, but I’ll refrain from it, or else I’d be irritated. He got a small taste of that when I said “I know :p” twice to him after he offered me advice I already knew. I’m not mad at him at all, I just want to make the conversations we have work for both of us. I want a normal, casual conversation about whatever. A show one of us really likes, maybe a debate about something, basically what tonight’s conversation was. 

I feel like I explained this badly, since it’s all over the place and I’m tired.

Anyway, after that my dad tried out Knights of The Old Republic and I’m gonna go to bed now and try the cheese.

That’s all for today.

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