What springs into mind when you hear the word prostitue?  To me it is a dirty word which I associate with drug addicts, dirty women and perverted men.

I am a sex worker, I like to call myself an escort rather than prostitue.  The men I see tend to be office workers, business men and retired men. I work from nice homely apartments which are rented out to holiday makers.  

Nine out of ten of my clients are nice normal blokes.  Vanilla in what they request and tend to say yes to everything I suggest.  They tell me how beautiful I am, and how amazing my body is.  I feel empowered not degraded. 

There are aspects of the work I really love, the praise, feeling empowered and making people happy.  I have always been insecure and never felt like I am very good at anything.  I have always despised working and struggled as my concentration is so poor. 

Since I began escorting just over 6 months ago I believe I feel beautiful.  I am proud of the body I have always wanted so much to change. I have become more assertive and have so much more confidence in myself.

I love being self employed and having the ability to make a lot of money very quickly. But there are some serious downfalls to the job as well.  Living a double life has a huge impact on my social life.  The lying, the shame and the isolation is a a lot o pressure to cope with.

When it comes to actually providing the service I use protection for all aspects of intercourse including oral.  I do not have a problem with touching most clients but I am really not keen on them touching me, and I try and keep penetration time to a minimum.

I have recently introduced a sensual massage service which includes a massage with a happy ending. I had my first client this evening.  It went really well, I charged less than I do with the usual escorting service, but it was still a really good amount.  I really enjoyed this session as and even got a little text message after from the client telling me how he enjoyed it and how lovely I am.

I am hoping that in time I will be able to leave escorting and do massage instead.

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