Skate Friday and cold

Finally Friday! So glad it’s Friday 🙂 feel like I had a long week. So busy at work everyday and that really got me exhausted plus the mail server thing. The good news is Anton fixed my issue that I have not solved for a week in just an hour lol. To be honest it makes me feel little frustrated for myself but I’m just so happy that I got the email working. Now I won’t miss any emails from the server! Now time for the email marketing. Getting excited. Work was good busy as usual. Got off little bit after 6 PM then dinner at Shake Shack for Caesar’s last day. Most of dev team went with Anton, Jolie, Judy, Chloe, and Kimmie. A short dinner but glad to have this time for him. Wish him the best for the next step on his life. Jolie gave me a ride back to home then headed out to SM for Friday night skate. Noticed that today is much colder than any other days but decided to go. Skated little bit over 10 miles on the trail to north end. It’s just dark and windy but I’m so glad to see the north end of the trail! Had a glass of beer with Dan after the skate then drove back home. Stopped by at the Japanese restaurant on La brea for a curry plate then Jack in the box for chicken nuggets for the first time since I moved to LA. Time to go to sleep now. It’s already 1:25 AM. Goodnight all.

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