Me and my friend Jenny was actually just planning to have a Barbie marathon, but then we decided it would be more fun if theres 3 of us. So we invited another one. Then the last second my other friend wanted to join and then there was 4 of us. Just enough to fit all of us into that small double bed of mine. But then suddenly in the middle of it all my bestfriend decided she wanted to join aswell and ended up coming. Suddenly there was 5 of us, did not plan for there to be so many of us.

Since there was so many of us, we had to just squeeze ourself in the bed and literally no space to move. Everyone was complaining about how they werent laying very comfortable, and my other friend was dying of heat. I ended up sacrafising myself and go sleep on the floor instead. I got the blanket to lay over, and then a really thin blanket over me (that literally doesnt warm at all), the others didnt want to give me one of the big bed sheet so I ended up with the thin blanket. I tried to stay warm by keeping everysingle stuffed animal of mine close. I fell asleep at around 3am, the floor was hard but i guess its good for my back. (I only went to lay on the floor so the others could lay comfortable). Then I woke up at 6am, and It was so cold I couldnt lay there anymore. Its winter so the window was letting in cold air (yes it was closed but still). For about 30 minutes I layed there thinking if I should wake up the others and make them make some space for me, or If i should just keep laying there freezing and try to sleep. Instead I went for the best option and went up to the livingroom. Lucky for me my father was awake and had started the fire place and was warming up the livingroom. So I took 2 blankets and layed comfortably on the couch instead. I slept for hours and well, missed my bed but its better than the floor. 


There has been alot of other stuff Ive been wanting to write, but seems im not exacly in the mood for that right now. The sleepover was not very fun for me, but its ok. The others had alot fun and wanted to do it again, thats what matters. Glad they enjoyed. 

And its winterbreak so no worries. Ill be able to sleep comfortably in my warm bed ALONE for a whole week 😀

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