Thought 6

It’s hard to express feeling like you’re not respected, particularly to those closest to you. I think if I had a job where I felt I was completely taken for granted, I’d have no problem stepping into my boss’s office to say that I don’t feel appreciated and that this job can go eat a dick. When it comes to a loved one, thought, I think it’s a much more difficult conversation. I mean, you can’t really tell your wife to get bent without some kind of consequence. I guess there are people out there where just that is not that difficult. However, I think those situations are likely to end up in divorce or estrangement. I think what makes it so difficult is a relationship that still has value, one in which everyone involved hopes to maintain, rather than split up the belongings and go our separate ways.

So, how do you do it then? How do you say “I know I’ve had my share of screw up, but you’re not perfect either and maybe you should take a look at your own shit before coming after me?” I don’t quite think that’s how to do it. I don’t think pointing out someone else’s flaws as a way of taking the focus off yourself negates the wrongs you’ve done. On the other hand, I do think one person constantly criticizing and “getting upset” with the other is not a constructive way to conduct a healthy relationship.

Focusing on all the things I do wrong while simultaneously overlooking all the things I do right as well as all the things you do wrong is not going to keep this ship afloat.

Maybe that’s how you say it.

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