Got up at 11. Got my period today. Thank God it doesn’t hurt as much as it had the month earlier. I had some cereal. Called Grandma to schedule tutoring. We talked for 20 minutes. Somehow we got to mental disorders. She kept saying “bulomia”.

Got dressed then went to study French. Well I was just revising some vocabulary, but that’s studying too. Helped Mum with lunch. Had lunch, went to watch How Clean is Your House?. Spent the whole afternoon doing that. Had coffee. Then Grandma came round. She brought some earrings that she had been given by some lady whose son fixes Gran’s car. The earrings were nothing special.
Had tea. Made a sandwich for school. Had one as well. Wrote a book-report on The Catcher in the Rye. I could’ve done better, frankly.

Took a shower, washed my face, shaved my armpits, put my pyjamas on. Studied History for my oral exam on Tuesday. A D is guaranteed, it’s no problem getting that on oral exams with this teacher, but on written exams…oh boy. You’d have to study your ass off for a week to get a C.

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