Almost Over…for him

They did another operation on my dad to try and stop the leaking in his intestines. They couldn’t do anything…his intestines are dying…so is he. They giving him hours or days. His BP is 82/53, his respirations are 22, his pulse is 103, and his o2 is 82. 82 outta 100 percent sounds good but its not. Under 90 is bad…and its dropping still. I’m angry and terrified…I dont know what to do or think…

2 thoughts on “Almost Over…for him”

  1. Dear Jenny….I am so sorry to hear about your father. Of course you are terribly upset and scared. But it will be all right. God will step in as your Father (He already is) and take care of your heart and you life. Grief really hurts. I will be praying for you, dear girl. It really will be okay.

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