Day 364 – Dream update and uncle’s birthday

Saturday, February 25th 2017

Today was good.

I woke up kind of early, around 8 am, because our neighbor was building something and our cat kept meowing. 

So my cheddar cheese thing may or may have not worked. I mean, my dream was slightly more vivid than usual, but it was not odd, since most of my dreams aren’t random and follow a story, so not quite sure if it did a huge effect. Though I dreamed of Dumbledore who had his birthday near mine and would give me birthday gifts every year. That was fun.

I cleaned my room and played quite a bit of Knights of The Old Republic. Eventually my uncle, grandmother and her friend came over for my uncle’s birthday. I retreated to my room for quite a while and played a bit of Brawlhalla with the owners and a staff member. Then I went to go eat Chinese food with the family and I haven’t seen my grandmother laugh so hard in a while. It’s always a pleasant sight to see.

I got a couple of gifts for one of the owner’s birthday tomorrow, so they’ll be receiving two games at midnight. I’m also helping the other owner with their website design. Our server is for all ages, but I believe she’s going for too much for kids, which can push away older people. It’s still in the starts, so we’ll see.

That’s all for today.

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