I Tan Get Sick

This is the way our teacher told us to memorize the trig identity for 1 + tan²x = sec²x, one plus tangent of x squared equals secant of x squared, I TAN (GET) = S(I)C(K).

Cool, huh?

It sounds so stupid, but it actually does come in handy sometimes. Just like I cut crescents, or 1 + cot²x = csc²x, one plus cotangent of x squared equals cosecant of x squared. I C(U)T CreSCents.

Applying this to real life–I get sick at least twice a year. And by sick I mean JUST COLDS, not including the days spent dying because of period cramps. I’ve had the same cold for a week now and it’s disgusting because I’m still so snotty and I cough at the absolute worst times, like when we’re taking tests and everyone is super quiet. Plus my voice is dead. Just a hiss of air sometimes, until I have to obnoxiously clear it like some sort of chainsmoker because there’s snot IN MY THROAT. Like, ew. Why.

Anyway, our history teacher gave us an assignment with a provided link, but it seemingly has nothing to do with the homework at all. I’m not finding any of the places on the site. Guess I’ll have to manually search up the questions, which is a joke, because some of them are so vague.

Man, I’m hungry all the time and I don’t know why. I think it’s because I can’t taste with the cold and I really want to eat really salty things or really sweet and cold things, or drink really tangy and cold things. I would like to down a bag of flaming hot cheetos with iced lemonade. That seems really appealing right now. We don’t have either in the house right now though, so sucks for me. I probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate either anyway, having lost the ability to taste anything.

It’s weird how soon this school year will be over. May. That’s just two full months and maybe two more weeks away. Jesus Christ. My junior year just flew past me….. It’s kind of a good thing, since that means I mostly enjoyed it, but it’s also sad and terrifying because it means I’ll be a senior soon and I’ll have to really think about which college I’m going to go to. I still don’t really want to stay here, since I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is nothing at all to do here unless you’re a sporty person, which, who are we kidding here, I’m really not. But then again, I probably can’t get into an Ivy or super-elite school like my dad wants, so in all probability, I’ll have to just stay in this town for another four years and then hopefully move elsewhere to find a job. For now I’ll just think about closer things, like keeping my grades up and doing service. I like helping people and doing service–it’s not just that I have to do them to stay in the NHS–I genuinely like participating in good deeds. It makes me feel weird and sunny inside.

These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere. It’s a damn good album. Go check it out, right now. It’s beautiful. Listening to it makes the sun rise in my heart. Absolutely beautiful.

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