Korean Dramas make me think too much

I’m watching a kdrama. And then I started thinking of the other people I know that also likes kdrama, but that dont really get along with me. 

First I started thinking. We all have the same interesst there, and we all probably think “I’m like the lead role, why doesnt anything like this happen to me?” or maybe atleast feel relateable to the lead character. So I thought, we are all similar there, so I don’t understand why they hate me so much. We all want the same thing, we want to be happy and all that stuff, so why dont we get along so that can happen (or atleast a new friend, which is a good way to happiness).

Then I started thinking deeper. Since they judge me so much, judge me out of my appearance or rumors going around. Become my haters without ever talking to me. They judge me before they know, and thats when I realise, they are not like me (or maybe I’m like that too without realising it, atleast I dont hate anyone, i look on the positive side). Many of them probably think of themselves as ‘special’ and similar to the lead characters of a kdrama, and they feel like they deserve better. But no, really their the same. They judge without a reason. 

Most of them I’m 100% sure they only hated on me because their jealous. The people there either liked me or hated me, no in between.

I’m not saying im special. I still have alot to learn, and probably some mistakes to make up for. Yet, I’m waiting for the ones who hate me without a reason to finally think about the whole thing. We want the same, think about it though, there arent much difference in what we desire in the end. 

The girls I’m thinking of in my head right now, all are really interessting girls. We have alot in common and from what I’ve seen their all pretty cool. The type of people I for sure would get along with if they would have just given me a chance. 

Can’t be liked by everyone. Korean dramas make me think too much. 


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