Oooooot again, not big night out but a small one.

Have work in less than an hour, was at work last night. Finished work, went straight drinking, went to see a work colleague out. Met him and his friend. 

Got a call off a girl – friend – , she said her mate was in a club, who likes me.

I go to said club, go up to her and drunk as I am ‘ I HEARD YOU LIKE ME!’, cringe, I end up losing her/them, probably for the best. Go to another club and talk to the cloakroom girl who I know for a while as I’d not seen her in a while, went home.

Damn it Mayhem, up your game.All I had to do was buy her a drink, dance then that was that. But instead I say something ridiculous and fuck off upstairs! hahaha.

I’m travelling up to Newcastle next week for a massive night out for a friends Birthday. Should be (really) good 🙂 cant wait. 

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