Stranger turned into a huge crush

Again this happens in my life , is it always me or somebody else also have such happenings in their life, don’t know, this is again my immaturity level gone down , I met a stranger who turns out to be some handsome hunk ,who really wanted to be my friend since I don’t know when, the truth is I have completely gone head over heels for him , maybe it’s just my some another crush in line but ya I have fallen for this one too, not denying it, just want to stay with him, I don’t know does he feels the same or not! But he is being nice to me from beginning, let’s see what happens next, really liking it .

Same attraction , fallen for a guy, liking nd ALL stuff. Don’t know what this gets me along to!

Thanks a lot for reading it , this is my first official online diary or journal whatever u wanna say it, really loved to share it with all of u.

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