Always left out

Like, its nothing new. I tend to be alot to myself, I can be very locked and dont really seem like I want to be a part of gatherings and stuff. 

But really. I’m silent, and I could easily be called the mother of a friend group, always watching out and not very wild. But really I wish people would include me more. Am I such a killjoy? I’ve realised and been told that people dont really invite me to stuff because I’m chill and laid back. Whenever I’m out with friends I always have fun, but then they just dont include me anymore or never and just like, why?

My cousin just came to my homecountry last week, he moved here. My older brother and my older sister invited him to go to the mall, they also invited my little brother. But, nooone invited me? How come, I’m even the left out sibling? Like, seriously? How can they forget their younger sister and his older sister and like SERIOUSLY?! I’ve always wanted to get closer to my siblings (older siblings since I dont live with them). I know they care of me. My older sister sometimes helps me with my homework and my olderbrother is actually very protective I’ve found out. Still, THEY DONT EVER INVITE ME TO FAMILY. COUSIN, SIBLING GATHERINGS LIKE EVER, BUT THEY DO INVITE EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT FOR ME. LIKE COMEONE WHY DO THEY KEEP FORGETTING ME IM YOUR YOUNGER SISTER FFSSS!!!

As I am writing about my rage and dissapointment they are sitting at Burger King having fun. Whatever I’m gonna go play sims. 

2 thoughts on “Always left out”

  1. Your family is “having fun at burger king”…?

    Staying at home is probably more fun. But if you want to join them, ask them next time. Say “HEY I WANT TO COME” and they will say “Okay”

    I think you want people to tell you what to do instead of doing things yourself.

  2. Not the situation at all. Its rare for our siblings to meet up, never happens. And you top should know that it just feels nicer when youre being invited. Otherwise I feel its awkward just jumping onto something i wasnt originally invited to

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