Day 27 – 30 Days of Discipline

I got a lot done today. I helped with tiles, did some more pantry purging, 30 minutes of calisthenics and we finished the bathroom tiles.  I cleaned that bathroom from top to bottom. It is sparkling clean and looks amazing!

The weather got chilly again today and my plan was to stay inside, but this afternoon I started getting twitchy and kept thinking about a walk.  I loved all my walks last week and my body was craving to get out and feel the sun and get my legs moving.  So I bundled up and away I went. I figured I’d be out around 30 minutes, but once I got warmed up, I very much enjoyed and stayed out almost 50 minutes.   

I have to always remember how much I love exercise and activity.  Sometimes, when I get tired or bored or distracted, I try to reason away exercise, but when I go and do it, I realize the amazing way it makes my body and mind feel.  

Note to self – Never. Forget. That. Feeling. Sheila.  


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