Day 365 – It’s *actually* been a year!

Sunday, February 26th 2017

Let’s set a goal : At least one entry per day. If I don’t have access to internet, write them down and post later on one day + the entry for that day.

Here we go, then…

I remember when I wrote that exactly one year ago today (and no, I didn’t do a mistake this time, it’s actually been a year!). Little did I know I would continue with that goal, because of all the failed attempts of keeping a journal entry beforehand. Lee Paysour (who I don’t talk to anymore, nor read his entries, but I will not forget him and I still have him in my favourite authors list) and PrettyInBlack (who I still talk to, although she hasn’t responded to my last email! but that’s alright, we’re both busy with school), were the first two to welcome me to the site. I remember the first person that caught my eye was Colours of Forgiveness, although they stopped writing their entries. 

I’m glad that I kept persisting and finding new ways to write a journal. If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have met PrettyInBlack, savedbygrace, Megg, and another handful of people who’ve encouraged me to keep writing.

I would say that it felt short, but because of all the times of accidentally thinking of writing here for a year, it was getting slow, haha. But thanks for the people who read my entries and it was and still will be fun reading your’s as well ^-^

For today, nothing much happened really. At midnight one of the owner’s received their games for his birthday, and I sang him happy birthday in caps, but other than that, nothing interesting really happened.

Although I was reading the Bible since I didn’t go to church, and my eyes first saw a short text about fasting. I remembered savedbygrace mentioning it in one of her entries as well, so I wondered if I should fast. I’ll have to think about it some more. I’d have to be careful with it as well, because of my iron-deficiency. I’d also have to think of a good time for it. My guess would be on a Sunday, or perhaps Saturday. During school would defeat the purpose.

I mostly gamed all day, did a tad of work such as writing my script for my first YouTube video and doing a couple of French questions for my book, but I’ve mostly been playing Knights of The Old Republic. I also went to moderate the server for a bit, but not many players were on. I answered one of the player’s question, and encouraged one to vote by voting myself, but that’s about it. Basically every day server stuff.

I’m going to go to bed soon and tomorrow will be a little more productive with school, especially because of all the French quizzes and tests I have to study for. Tuesday quiz, Wednesday test and Thursday test. Yay! At least they’re not the most difficult.

I would have worked on the book or did some art, but I wasn’t motivated for it. I feel that this day could have been spent a little better, but I wasn’t really motivated to do anything, so if I even did become a bit more productive, I’d realise I would have nothing to do in class the following day and that I’d be much more bored then, than if I played video games now. I really should work on the book more, but I still have to ponder on some questions.

Megg congratulated me on one year through text during early afternoon as well. Thanks! And I can’t wait to write even more!

That’s all for today.

8 thoughts on “Day 365 – It’s *actually* been a year!”

  1. OMG yay it’s actually been a year now! I remember congratulating you for this earlier when neither of us realized that the numbers were off lol. But congratulations again on keeping your promise to yourself to write for a whole year!

    And I just now suddenly realized that I really HAVEN’T replied to your last email. How did that even happen? I think I just kept procrastinating and it slowly got pushed to the bottom of my inbox lol. But I will be sure to write tomorrow! And we’re even in the (mostly) same time zone now lol, I just thought of that.

    Have a great week!

  2. @savedbygrace : Yup! And glad to see you’re back! Hugs to you as well!

    @PrettyInBlack : Yeah, I remember as well haha. And thanks!

    Yeah! I was thinking that too, cause I saw you online on Skype and realised we’re only an hour apart and that I could message you. By the time I could you were offline though. We can always talk there instead if you want c:

    And you too!

  3. Congratulations Observant Bystander! You’ve made it through your first year! 🙂

    There’s still plenty more days and years to come, and every day will be different. You have an abundant life ahead of you with plenty of choices to make and plenty of new discoveries to be made. Can’t wait to read about your further journeys ahead!

  4. @Observant Bystander Congratulations on your 365th journal! That’s amazing! Also thank you for inspiriting other people to write journal 🙂

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