I’d give today a three and a half out of ten.

To be generous, I’ll round that up to a four.

I mean, honestly, it’s amazing how some things can ruin your day so easily.

Today in computer programming, we had a sub. It was this old man who is sort of hard of hearing and a bit muddled all the time, and he didn’t call my name for attendance. My friend and two other girls didn’t get called, either. But somehow he just made some kid take the roll to the attendance office… And I have no idea if he marked me/us absent, or just marked us there. Anyway, since I was stupid, I didn’t ask him about it after class… Which I’m regretting, since, if I get an absence, I won’t know how to clear it. The other absences I’ve had were accidental, and I had passes/proof to clear them, but this one is iffy, since there’s absolutely nothing written to prove it, and I’m F R E A K I N G O U T because yeah, I’m that weird kid who is obsessed with getting perfect attendance and cheap free ice cream.

The other thing was that, today while my friend JS and I were walking toward the cafeteria for lunch, this girl straight up shoved past me and growled “MOVE”. I’d seen her coming, so I’d stepped to my left toward JS, but apparently I didn’t give that girl enough space, because she still pushed my shoulder. Since she was a lot wider than I was, it felt pretty heavy… I almost wanted to go back through the crowd and just ask “What is your problem?!” but I had to let it pass. I swear to God this is why I hate most people. I hate being in crowds when people are pushing me– I’m pretty weak and I won’t do anything, but I absolutely hate it. Anyway, maybe she was just having a really bad day–half a star out of ten, maybe–and she’s normally a nice person. I don’t know. It just made me irrationally upset. Mostly it’s still the attendance thing.

Anyway, nothing much else, I’m just emotional. Don’t mind me. I have a test to study for anyway and I’m not even sure yet if I was marked absent or not, because they only enter the things in at six pm. Or they should, according to my old experience.

I’m already ready for the weekend and it’s only the beginning of the week. Jeez. At least after another week of endurance it’ll be spring break, heck yes, a week of doing nothing and feeling guilty about it! Can’t wait.

I was terrified that I might be on my period today, because I suddenly remembered the date. It was awful. If I had been, I wouldn’t have taken pills, which would have been disastrous, because I only get cramps when I don’t take pills and when I’m at school. Literally, that’s how much my uterus hates me. Luckily it’s not here yet, but it’s coming… I can feel it… you know how you can sense it when someone is watching you, that’s the exact feeling. It’s coming. I’m not prepared for it. I never am.

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  1. I hate hallways as well. There’s also people who stand in the middle of the freaking hallway and I have to end up shoving them to prove a point. And you had your friends with you so if the sub marked you absent you can band together. 🙂

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