My Starfish

 After I finished my afternoon class, we decided to study in the library.
We studied some chemistry, and took detailed notes in our studies.

In particular , I wrote down some notes of John’s travels in dreamland.
These are my records:

12:49- “I went to seafood place”
12:52- “I had 라면 with foreign friends”
12:54- “I became a starfish to clean the oil in the sea. I was a big starfish. I became a hero.”
12:56- “The guard was asking who I was. I had to hide my identity”
12:59- ~Observed furrowed eyebrows and 2 heavy breaths~
1:02- “I went to see a busking street performance”
1:10- “I was solving a organic chemistry question”

After the last dream at 1:10, he decided he should go back to studying organic chemistry.

Someday I hope we will solve organic chemistry questions together in reality and in our dreams.

After a bit of studying, we went to do some laundry, had a early dinner at the chinese-vietnamese restaurant, and bought some snacks and protein bars at the grocery store.

It was a lovely time we spent together.

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