EVP Danger : Trickery

February 25, 2017

  When I first started experimenting with EVP back during the winter months of 2015, once I began to have some results, it only took a short time before it seemed like I was establishing communication with a particular group of spirits. For the first month of my recording experience, the nature of the communication with this particular group of spirits that I was in contact with was for the most part, very benevolent.  Being new and naïve to things of this kind, I did not sense any danger at all as a result of my interaction with these spirits.

  Then, during the second month of recording, I began to hear a few “negative voices” on my recordings. These voices would say things like insults, threats and profanity. I was quite alarmed to hear these negative voices on my recordings when they first appeared because up to this point, all of the voices that I had been hearing were all of a friendly and benevolent nature. Then something else began to occur. Seemingly out of the blue, I began to hear numerous voices say “Help Me” or “Help Us.” This I thought was very odd. I didn’t think much of it at first, rather than simply being confused by these voices that were asking for help. But, just a few days later, as I was doing a recording session one evening, I heard it again…voices clearly asking for help, literally saying “Help Me.”  This time I responded to this and asked “how can I help you?”

  When I reviewed that recording, I heard voices replying back “pray for us.” I was a bit surprised by this comment and didn’t quite know what to make of it. At the time that I was experimenting with EVP, back during the winter of 2015, I was not what you would say of a strong religious mindset, at least as far as any organized religion goes. I had been brought up with religion, but during my adult years, I tended to drift in and out of any kind of religious thinking. For many years, I considered myself an atheist, then I began to seriously question this and then I later became an agnostic. Then I went back to the religion that I had been brought up in for a time, then I drifted away from it again. But, I still had these questions of a spiritual nature on my mind quite often.

  This is pretty much where I was at when I was recording for EVP. I was no longer an atheist or purely materialistic, but I was still all over the place as far as my thinking about spirituality goes. I suppose that I was curious and looking for answers and perhaps on some subconscious level, this was a subtle driving force behind my decision to experiment with EVP in the first place. Unfortunately for me, I was to find myself in a situation that certainly proved to be way more life changing than I initially bargained for.

 I began to hear these voices on my recordings more and more saying “Help Me” or “Help Us.” So, finally I decided to respond to this again and asked “what can I do to help you?” When I went back and reviewed that recording, I again heard numerous voices answering me back with “Pray for Us.” Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I would occasionally ask this question again because I was amazed that every time that I asked this question, I would always, and I mean every time, hear back the same response from these voices…”Pray for Us.”

  At the time that I began to hear these voices say “Help Me” and “Pray for Us,” I did not react to this at all. Perhaps in part because I was simply confused by what I was hearing. As I stated earlier, I was not strongly religious minded at the time so when I first started hearing these statements, I did not react to them but, I admit that all sorts of thoughts and ponderings were racing through my mind. I began to wonder if this had something to do with Purgatory.  I seriously began to wonder why these spirits that I was hearing on my EVP recordings would ask me to pray for them. Another thing worth mentioning here is that even though I would occasionally hear voices saying “Help Me” or “Help Us” on my recordings, they would only ever respond with “Pray for Us” if I had asked them how I could help them. To the best of my recollection, they never once just came out and stated “Pray for Us,” they only ever said this if it was in response to me inquiring about how I could help them.  I am not sure if there is any significance to this, but to the best of my recollection, this was always the case.

  By the end of the second month of my recording experience, I was hearing a lot of negative voices on my recordings. In fact, they came to dominate them. Soon after I began to have incidents of hearing these negative voices outside of my recordings. In essence, it was as if I was experiencing a clairaudience nightmare, only this was no nightmare and unfortunately for me, the situation was going to get a whole lot worse before it even began to get better.

  I quit recording for EVP right after my first few incidents of hearing these negative voices outside of my recordings, but that did not resolve the problem…not in the slightest. It was already too late, I had gone clairaudient and I could not control this perception in any way at that time. After about a month since I first began having these troubling clairaudience experiences, I began to hear these harassing voices around the clock, every waking moment. At that point, my situation became a hellish nightmare of clairaudience perception overload. It took me several months to even begin to get and kind of handle on the situation. I am still hearing these intrusive and harassing voices to this day and they are still quite intrusive and harassing, but their overall strength as far as the intensity of their voices go and also the effect that they have on me, is greatly diminished.

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