Intrusive Voices

 March, 2017

 It’s exactly two years now since I first began hearing these intrusive and malevolent voices. These same malevolent voices that I had been hearing on EVP sessions that I had been doing during the month of February, 2015. By early March of 2015, I was having increasing incidents of hearing these malevolent voices with just my ears. Once this began to occur, I gave up recording for EVP all together, hoping that by doing so this disturbing situation would undo itself. It did not. Things only got worse and by April of 2015, I was hearing these harassing voices at an extreme level on a constant basis.

  I often refer to March of 2015 as a month of escalation. During that month, I wasn’t hearing these voices on a constant basis yet, but it seemed that more and more by the day, I was having increasing incidents of hearing these them and this went on throughout that whole month. During that month, I was feeling a great deal of stress, fear and anxiety. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I knew that I had gotten myself into a bad situation when I was experimenting with EVP that winter and I just desperately wanted to put all of that behind me and get away from it, but I couldn’t.  It was as if my experience with EVP would not allow me to escape. In fact, in a very real way, that experience was now following me, haunting me and at the point of overtaking me and essentially sending my life crashing straight down the rabbit hole of near madness. 

 I still hear these intrusive and harassing voice today, two years after these events first began for me, but things are a lot different now than they were for me back in March of 2015. Why? Well I guess that you could say that to a large degree I’ve adapted to the situation to the point where I don’t let these voices have nearly as much of an effect on me as they once did. I still have my share of bad days and with them, it’s mostly at night while I’m trying to sleep and when I’m the most vulnerable to the harassment of these malevolent entities. But all in all, throughout the day I go about my life just like I always did before any of this even started for me. Sometimes, I’ll hear faint voices in the background. Other times I won’t hear them at all for hours on end. Back in March of 2015, I was living a nightmare. Now, I seek to overcome this situation, knowing that now I’m a much stronger person than I was back in then

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