EVP Danger : Trickery (pt ii)


February, 2017

 These entities that oppress me did such a good job at deceiving me during that first month of recording that even after my oppression situation began and was hitting me full force, I still wasn’t sure what happened during those two months when I was recording for EVP. I still can’t say even today what exactly happened but, it is my conclusion now that the so-called benevolent voices that I was hearing on my EVP recordings were actually one and the same as the negative and malevolent voices that began to appear on my recordings later on. These entities of unknown origin were using a classic Trojan Horse tactic. They knew that I was inexperienced with EVP, a novice in truth. They knew that I was going into this situation with no sense of suspicion or sense of any potential danger. In essence, they saw me as an easy target and in truth, they were right. I was so inexperienced and so naïve at the time that I blindly walked right into their trap. For quite a long time, even after my oppression began, I still was not inclined to believe that the benevolent voices that I was communicating with in the beginning were the same entities that appeared later on, filling my recordings with insults, profanity and threats and then who proceeded to harass me outside of the recording sessions with voices until it reached a point that I was hearing these voices at a psychosis level around the clock for quite some time.

  As time went on and I got further along in my oppression situation, I did suspect more and more that I had been tricked by these entities the whole time. But, it really wasn’t until I started finding other cases on the internet that were very similar to my own experiences that a clearer picture of the trap that I walked into came into perspective for me. I began to see common traits in these accounts that very much aligned with my own and I began to lose all doubt as to who those more “benevolent” voices were that I was communicating with in the beginning. I then came to firmly believe that those voices were one and the same as the negative voices that appeared later on.

 Now, I do still admit that there’s no way for me to know with any degree of certainty exactly what transpired during those first few months of 2015. Perhaps some of the voices that I was hearing on my EVP recordings or even when I became clairaudient, were not from this malevolent element. I don’t want to be overly suspicious or paranoid, so I do leave open the possibility that some percentage of the voices that I was hearing originated from more benign or even benevolent sources. But, I do believe that there was in fact, a significant percentage of these voices, a faction you could say, that were intending to set a trap for me the whole time and in this they succeeded.

  I have seen this in many other cases of this situation that I have found. At first, once a steady contact is established with these entities (and in most cases the contact becomes quite intense over a short span of times) these entities seem benign if not outwardly benevolent in nature. But, then after some time has passed, their nature switches from being benevolent to outwardly malevolent and then they proceed to harass the person beyond just the communication sessions (EVP for example). Often this harassment takes the form of harassing voices, physical/bodily disturbances or abuses, visual phenomenon and also thought insertion or an interference with a person’s thoughts.

  Sometimes a person may be struck with all of these things, sometimes they may be struck with just a few or even one. But, either way the experience is still extremely troubling. Now just reflecting on the matter here, EVPs and Spirit Box responses that say “Help Me” or something along those lines are very common. I know that I may sound a bit mean-spirited when I say this and I have in fact been accused of being so on occasion when discussing this, but I can’t help but to hold a strong suspicion that many, if not most of these voices that are captured through EVP that are saying “Help Me,” do in-fact originate from this same malevolent element that often deceives people and later ends up abusing them with tormenting voices. I suspect that in fact,in many instances, these “Help Me” voices are nothing more than a ploy and an attempt at baiting a person into interacting with these entities on a regular basis, which allows them time and an opportunity to adjust to a person’s perception range. Once they achieve this, they will drop the act and proceed to attach themselves to a person’s life and abuse them by such means as causing them to hear voices or other troubling phenomenon.

 I may sound overly suspicious here by stating this, but this is exactly what happened to me with my own experience and I’ve seen it in other cases as well. While experimenting with EVP, I began to hear numerous voices asking for help. When I asked how I could help them, every single time, they answered with something along the lines of “Pray for Us.” I suspect that they were just throwing out a lure here to see if I would bite and foolishly I did. I can’t say with certainty that every EVP voice calling out for help originates from these malevolent entities, but I suspect that it does happen and that a good amount of the time when things like this are heard, it is in fact a deceptive ploy with the intent of luring a person into further interaction and hence giving these malevolent entities an opportunity to try and gain further access to their perception range. Perhaps some suspicion is warranted here to avoid situations that turn into troubling experiences.


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