You may add anything you find more sensible after this sentence:

“The older we get…”

What would you add? The more sensitive we become? The closer we are to death?

For me, at least, it’s ‘the longer it takes for anything to heal’. Yes, more or less the same like ‘the more sensitive we become’ part.

It’s not just something physical. It’s the whole nine yards.

Your spirit may still feel young. You have to keep it that way if you want to continue learning. That’s how you roll in life.

However, your body cannot fool you anymore. After 30, everything starts slowing down. Push yourself another five or ten years until it takes its toll. You’re lucky if you’ve always been the healthier, more athletic type.

Is it too late to change? Probably not, as long as you’re still breathing. There’s always that window of opportunity to learn something new, no matter how little.

That way, you have to look after yourself better. No more falling sick during travel. Reduce those sleepless nights whenever you can. Listen to your body when it says: “I’ve had it. Please, I need a break.”

It’s also true that the older you get, the more you need to maintain your emotional state. You don’t always have to see eye-to-eye with everybody. You’re not here to please them all 24/7 while losing yourself in the process.

So what if they think you’re too serious and feel too much? They should be more grateful; that means you care about what really matters. You don’t have to pretend to be funny just to get them to like you more.

You’re just being you, just like they’re being them. Not everybody has to be a comedian. It’s all good.

At least you’re not the type who pretend you’re all cool when you don’t feel that way. You’re not always that good, although you still try to be considerate with other people – even when it’s rather impossible these days. It’s not always about you, so it’s best not to take everything way too personally and sulk like an angry little brat.

So, it’s normal that the older you get, the more careful you should be with a lot of things. Your lack of physical health shows just how you look after yourself. Your big mouth (or in this case, fingers) can reveal your true character no matter how hard you try to stay cool.

Words can never be taken back once they’re out. It doesn’t matter if you claim that you’re the grown-up who’s always right. How you address the issue and treat other people you talk to still count.

You should be the driver of your ego, not the other way around.


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