Anyone else relate??

 Have you ever just wanted more out of life? more than just growing up, going to college, getting married, buying a dog, or a house, or both, having kids, and going to work at 8am sharp? maybe not… but I do. I live In a small town where no one gets out. No one goes to the great beyond. No one becomes a president or wins the lottery or even works somewhere besides hitchcocks. It is a never ending cycle of growing–reproducing–dying. I want something extrodinary. I want adventure and traveling and walking on the moon, swimming with sharks, skydiving, but more than anything, I want a voice. I want to change something for the better. I want my name to be remembered in history textbooks and I don’t want to be forgotten. This life that I am currently living as a high school student doing the same thing over and over again everyday is devastating to me. I could die at anytime and I will not be remembered. I will not be known as anything other being dead. My name will never find its way to the great beyond. I will stay in these walls. with these people, where I will be forgotten. My name will die off with the rest of my family and then my name will probably be recycled, given for someone else to have, where they to will die off too, with a meaningless name and a meaningless exsistence. So I guess you could say that my biggest fear is not being Benjamin Franklin.  Not being Amelia Earnheart. Not being William shakespear,and  not being on the “100 most significant people figures in history”, but most importantly  not being anyone with a major impact on this world. Influenceing no one and being no one. So as you can see here, i’m at a crossroad. I may be young but I still know I want something more, something epic and life changing. But with the way things are going I will be everyone else. Everyone who works at a gas station, everyone who never got a chance at being famous.  And I can’t help but wonder, does everyone feel this way? does everyone have these types of feelings and this type of emptiness? Do they just accept their role in life? is that what I will do? I have so many questions that may take a lifetime to be answered. But those answers will be to late. I will be on deaths door.   

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