Coconut Trouble

Dear Journal, 

In my school, there is this guy called Luke. He is super cool and cute and handsome and intelligent and awesome! So basically, we went on a date. YES!!! WE ACTUALLY WENT ON A DATE!!! CAN U BELIEVE IT???? Like we went to  the cafe. Luke ordered coconut smoothie. I never tried coconut before so I decided to order the same one. “You know last time Alice farted in the pool so there was bubbles around her and when the bubble pops it smells so bad. LOL” We were talking and chatting like chatty Cathies. “Here is your drink! Two coconut smoothie, right? ” Our drink came and we took a sip. There was coconut jelly in it. We talked and took the 2nd sip. There was jelly in my mouth. ‘ Mhmm! Jelly! ‘ I thought. I swallowed it. I coughed like CRAZY. I chocked on the coconut jelly. My face went blue and it looked like I was mad or something. I coughed out the coconut jelly. I ALMOST DIED!!! If you think its funny NO WAY. ITS NOT FUNNY OK? DID YOU EVER GOT CHOCKED ON A FOOD THAT YOU NEVER EVEN KNEW THAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO?! Well probably not because your only a computer and what computer its is BATTERY not FOOD. Well….. Are you allergic to some batteries? Okay let’s stop. Getting off topic. Okay. So I ordered mango smoothie instead (I love mangoes. I’m not allergic to it, okay?) And I finished the date well. I went back home and tell mom about this. Mom said, “Oh you are probably allergic to coconuts. Its probably because I AM allergic to coconuts.” I never knew that MOM WAS ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING?! Okay my annoying sister Lucy is begging me to build lego with her. My parents are out today. THEY went on a date. I hope they don’t have any TROUBLES!  


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