Day 366 – Lots of work and friend joining GNJ!

Monday, February 27th 2017

Well I did say that I’d be much more productive today…

I had English class first. I finished reading 1984 and it was such a good book! I’m not sure how I feel about the ending though. The message is conveys is great and the ending ended the delivery amazingly, but it was kinda expected. I’m glad though that it wasn’t a “everyone lived happily ever after” ending. I’m not a fan of those. I find it much more interesting when the consequences are still there at the end.

   We then went over reader’s reactions and how to write them for our test next week. We did a practice as well, and my reaction seems to be better than the ones before now that we properly went over them.

Next class I had was art. We discussed what will be our first test, which is painting the face, but along with the creation process and all of that icky stuff. I don’t mind the creation process, but I don’t enjoy the analysis. I like talking about the meaning of what a painting can represent down to the very stroke of the brush, I just don’t like the format and guidelines we have to follow.
   I wasn’t sure who to paint. I thought about painting myself in a sort of thinking pose, since I would have a light blue background, but I decided instead I’ll do a gray background that becomes progressively darker to towards the edges, and I’d paint Percival Graves. I drew part of his face in pencil, then with charcoal, I painted Newt’s face, now him again. So much Fantastic Beasts—I don’t mind though. And I’m better at painting darker themes, and Percival is the villain throughout the movie after all. My dad also said if I would have more fun painting him, then I should go for it.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and she discussed about her ONU debate she went to. Apparently the guy who was representing Russia was being a jerk and trying to oppose people just to oppose, and contradicting himself in the process. My friend told me that she was explaining how they should evacuate citizens that lived on some islands to [enter country I forgot here], if there’d be major floods engulfing the islands, but he answered “No we shouldn’t. They should be kept there, because it’s their culture n’ stuff.” I burst out laughing. Sure, because drowning is definitely their culture, so let ’em die.

I had French next and this is where the work comes into play : I have a quiz tomorrow, a debate next week, a written project due next week as well and a test Wednesday. It sounded pretty intimidating at first, but then I started to look at one thing at the time and made myself a schedule, so it didn’t seem as daunting.

I finished the day with psychology, and we started psychology! We were studying anthropology beforehand. We discussed about why it’s important and viewed a summary.

At home I discussed what I will be cooking over March break, since my mom gave me the goal to cook supper for March break, then I did some French work, ate, then continued French. 

When I was done my French work and studied for tomorrow’s quiz, I decided to draw a bit, but it didn’t work out.

But something super important I have to write about : my friend told me he was inspired by writing for a year and decided to join GNJ! So everyone go check out Pessimistic Optimist’s first entry (he’s the guy I used to refer as the author back in my old entries, so definitely worth taking a look) : (Not clickeable so you gotta copy paste, sowwy.)
   Took us a while to make it work, since his entry didn’t want to be public, but it finally did!

I planned on recording a YouTube video, but guess I’m gonna have to do it during March break, because of the work I have to do. Oh well, at least that means no work during the break. Speaking of work, here’s the list I have to do, minus the four things I did this evening, them being finishing a French work, doing another French work and studying for my French quiz :

Tuesday 28 Feb :
-Quiz #4 (French book)

Wednesday 1 March :
-Editorial Test (French)

Monday 6 March :
-Debates (French)

Tuesday 7 March :
-Editorial project due (French)

Due sometime next week :
-English board game project (board with pieces, rules and written links to book)
-Reader’s response test (English)

I also has a weird dream last night, or more when I woke up was it weird. I don’t remember my dream other than doing school work with a substitute teacher in French, but when I woke up I shot up into a sitting position the same way someone would wake up from a nightmare in a movie (but it wasn’t one), and then I saw the word “l’cara” in a grey, bit sparkly font covering my vision no matter where I looked for a second or two before it disappeared. It was really odd. I never sat up that way, nor do I know what “l’cara” means.

That’s all for today.

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