Entry 1, Day 1- Who am I? (Messy as Monday)

February 17th, 2017

A book is not fit without its cover,
so cover you shall receive.
Though covers can change
and I can too.
So this is where I’ll make my debut.

What is seen now is but one instance of me.
Me as I am seen today is much unlike the me
of days gone by.
Once, I would goggle at you if you’d
told me that I’d want to be an author someday,
today it’s just a fact of life.

From extrovert to introvert
and extrovert once again
From white blonde to dark blonde
From dark blonde to brown
From dark eyes to unseeing eyes
From optimist to pessimist
and then to pessimistic optimist.

Today I am
Mentally strong
but entirely distracted
but confused
Content but
slightly lonely
but retrospective
but optimistic.

This is where I stand now:
Tall, proud, and very, very loud.

Authors note:
I’ve been meaning to make this entry for over two weeks now but have been plagued with a migraine. This wasn’t any normal migraine- No, this was a week and half long migraine. A repeatedly slam-your-head-into the wall migraine. There were points during my bouts of pain, where in fact it wasn’t so terrible it could keep me from my notepad, I took these opportunities to jot as many notes down as could before the pain got too bad again, what you see here is a couple of unfinished starts.

Sorry this entry is a mess, I’ll formally introduce myself tomorrow.

-R, Pessimistic Optimist

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