Girl Crush


Geez, I thought that this feeling would go away by now. 

“No, you have no control here. I’m your feelings and would alternate my thoughts and movements into you.”

                                                      “Shoot! That’s not fair.”

Well, she’s still floating up there. I just want to give her a hug. She’s a lifepath 4 and I’m a lifepath 8. ( Gosh I’m a creep.) She’s  a birth number 11 and I’m a birth number 8. (Creep ALERT!)

Damn, Ed Sheeran’s song Coffee just starts to play. Coincidence much? Well, in my thoughts it makes sense though. XD

This mushiness feels weird. It feels weird crying and being vulnerable with people. Yet I feel this strong sensation to have a mind stimulating conversation with her for some reason. Well, Vox tells me not to go with feelings. Should I really trust in right now? This constant thinking is making me even more wounded. I want to act but so may fake and talkative people sadly exist in my class. I don’t really have a safe space. Only one person that is out is one that I can share my thoughts with.

I trusted this one friend with my music account and she went and told everyone. NOT AGAIN!

This person that I have the crush on doesn’t even communicate with me that much. By that I mean vice versa. (COWARD MUCH!) She’s got a crew that would fight through fire to save her life. She’s proved herself so much. How can anyone disrespect her?! I respect her as a person SOOOOOOOO much and I mean soooooooooooooooo much. She’s so quirky and harworking. Whatever girl gets her in life is so lucky, I swear.

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