Aloha and Greetings to you all .


A simple introduction! 

My name is Sommer  32,   live in   Hawaii on the island of Oahu,   I’m   Half Hawaiian with European and  Spanish roots.  100%  total geek that love all thing’s  geeky from  Anime to the walking dead  0r  whatever is currently fancy me at this very moment.

 Also practice mysticism,  spiritualism with a mix of progressives  Christianity background,   and currently developing my psychic empath abilities with tarots,  angel, oracles cards   & Spirits communications.

I am a proud   Demi – Graysexual,   Panromantic, Cis Female. 

Will be posting both Public and  Private journal entries.

Fair warning my  grammar and spelling aren’t  up to par because of my learning  Disabilities called Dysgraphia,  if you are put off by my poorly written journal post then this is not for you then;   Please do not be an ass and make a comment about my  spelling or  grammar structure  I am  trying  my best  here , I really don’t  need anyone  who is trying  undermined  my  confident issue . 

Trying to better myself here and  journaling is my therapeutic release, no matter if its both  online or hand writing even though i prefer typing because of  my dysgraphia never the less both of them take a great deal of concentrations . 

Blah, this supposes to be a simple introduction and now it’s  an essay hahaha  ,  anyways thats pretty much a short look of who I am and looking forward to future journal entries.

With Many  Light and Blessing ~ 

Sommer . 

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