Intro: Happiness

So, what is it really? Happiness. I mean it’s different for every person, but isn’t the whole idea of happiness something that makes you smile. To me, happiness is the small things that are taken for granted. Maybe a song you like, maybe a joke you heard, each of these things bring happiness to our hearts. Happiness itself is quite simple, what’s hard is how to maintain it. The truth is, it takes a huge amount of emotional effort to be happy. How does one keep smiling, how does one have her heart flying high? There are many characteristics in books that represent the stereotypical depiction of happiness, a girl who might have her head in the clouds, a girl who smiles and laughs with her friends. But the key idea that ties all these characteristics is that an event that creates happiness is something that takes your mind off … reality. Or something that makes you forget your problems and worries, that is what I believe true happiness is. This is why one can’t be happy all the time. If a person is happy all the time they are oblivious to the reality and responsibility surrounding them. So of course, like any other basic principle of emotion, happiness needs a balance. This balance does not need to be sadness, but instead awareness. Awareness is what helps people stay on track to achieve their goals is it not? If one is happy and aware, then they are bound to succeed. I have many friends that fit into the different “stages” of happiness and awareness. One of my friends is too worried about her future, and she struggles with her daily life because she doesn’t have the proper balance of happiness. On the other hand, another one of my friends is too oblivious to her responsibilities. Yes it is the simple things like surfing the web, watching tv, stalking hot guys that bring’s teenage girl’s like me happiness. However that friend does not have enough awareness of her responsibilities and future to take control of the way her life is going. I hope that I can achieve a balance between these two extremes… but I don’t think I ever will know when I do achieve this balance. 

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