Lazy Sunday

Woke up at my friend place really early. Feel like it happens every time when I sleep over at somebody else’s place. Anyways, spent couple hours there for breakfast and watching some Korean tv shows. Took a uber back to home around 12 PM. Finally took a shower then took a nap for hours. The infection in my ear got worst. Not sure how it happened but this time it got really bad and it bothers me a lot. Got back up around 6 PM then went out for a dinner down the street. Back home and spent rest of the night watching Youtube videos about serverless application on AWS. Definitely helping me a lot to see all these videos but still not quite sure where to start. Also, it feel little scared for not knowing how long it will take me to learn all these but I’m going to try.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Hi O its been a long time that i have been on the site but a lot has happen. I will write about some of what has been going on. How have you been and what are you up to these days? Sprout22

  2. OMG @sprout22! So glad to see you again here 🙂 I don’t know if you know but I moved to LA last year June. Well, you can probably get a better idea going through my journals 😉 Can’t wait to see what have you been up to!

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