Dear Journal,

Today I saw that Caroline is a TRUE meanie. I walked into the school. I saw my best friend Ava. “Hey Ava! What’s up?” I asked. Ava did the mad face (its a face she does when she is mad), and walked away. I didn’t knew what I did so I decided to ask Elizabeth about it. I walked to Elizabeth and she rolled her eyes and walked away. I seriously didn’t knew what I did. I just walked into school and my best friends started avoiding me. How do you know what you did wrong? 

I walked to Luke hopping that he won’t avoid me. “Hey Luke! What’s up?” He gasped and gulped. There was water coming down my chin. I quickly wiped it off in case Luke sees me crying. But I was too late. He saw me crying and handed me handkerchief. I refused it. But for some reason there was water coming out of my eyes like a broken faucet. Luke handed me handkerchief and I grabbed it and wipe it so hard that top of my eyes went red. Or maybe it was because I cried. We walked to bench and told him that I didn’t do anything but my best friends are avoiding me, and he also tried to avoid me. We sat on a bench and he told me that Caroline sent everyone photo of you and the most popular guy in school kissing. And all the other girls kissing the grossest guy in this entire school. “No! I never made that photo! Caroline just.. just… She just… MADE IT BY HERSELF!” I said that and I suffered. Luke patted my back and walked. I felt so sad because it felt like he was also avoiding me after he heard those story. Someone came. Someone else came. And then a bunch of people came. I looked up. You know what there was? There was my entire grade! They said sorry except for Caroline. She twirled her hair round and round and round that if your only looking at it you will faint of the dizziness. So everyone stared at Caroline. She got out mirror and gave it to me. Everyone smiled and walk back. I saw the mirror. There was post it on it. I read the post it. ‘Failed the 1st plan! But there is 2nd one. And I know that I will SUCCEED! Toodles! ‘ What does she mean by 2nd plan? I don’t know. I will just ignore her. By the way I gtg now my mom is yelling me to sleep like CRAZY. So I have to sleep before my neighborhoods shout at me. Bye!!!

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