Melancholy Day

 Last Sunday morning as we talk over the cellphone, he told me already he might be busy playing computer in his house. And he asked if it is okay for me. And I said YES! cause I want him to be happy and want him to enjoy his weekend break from weekdays work. At 1;00 pm I decided to watch movies ,then when I inserted the flash-drive to the laptop all the files in the flash-drive are hidden. So I texted and call my boyfriend to asked help on how to solve this. I told him that I will wait til he call. Then no call or text . It’s 4 or 5 pm he texted me that he wasn’t able to see or hear the ringtone of his phone cause he turn the phone into silent mode. I was really upset? why? cause I waited him 4 or 5 hours to respond my text and call. He asked me if what happen to the flash-drive and I told him that nothing happen cause I slept waiting him to respond me. He asked me why I get easily upset. And I asked myself why he get upset while I’m upset. He texted me that Does my boyfriend deserved to be treated like this. The reason why I’m upset because I felt that I am not important to him. I tired sometimes. And I don’t know ;(

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