Had chemo today.  It went well.  First was doctor appointment that also went well except the blood pressure was a bit high 148/?.  I think because we were running a little late getting there even though we were still early.  Am scheduled for another ct scan on the 16th right before the next chemo.  That should tell a lot I would think.  Also fyi to those of you whom this may concern now or possibly sometime in the future and I may have said this before but here it is again and this came from another source today.  You can only have 4 pet scans in your lifetime.  Even if you go through different insurance companies, change to medicare, whatever.  Not sure if it is due to the cost or possibly the amount of radiation they deliver.  I have had 1 so far and so I have 3 left.  Remember pet is different from ct.  As far as I know there are no limits on ct scans.  Also did another survey for my study that I am participating in.  I should have close to $100.00 on my account now.  I would of had a total of about $150.00 but I spent some last year.  Not bad for a 15 minute survey via an ipad.  Next thing will be the scan so I will let you know what I find out at the next chemo.  Prayers all. 

2 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. hello. i hope you are feeling well. i dont have any medical problems other than depression and i am just now making an appointment to start dealing with that. it makes me feel tired in the middle of the day and causes complications that you have mentioned in your previous post so i guess i should consider it as real as any other illness and potentially as debilitating as some. i joined this site because someone thought that writing about my problems might help me and i think it is. what i didnt expect was how reading about other peoples thoughts and concerns would cause me to think about my own life. it is very therapeutic. i wish you well and thank you for sharing

  2. Hi!! I just want you to know that although I don’t know you but I think you’re a very strong woman. I hope you’ll getting better soon. What if try to drink pure carrot juice because its very nutritious and helps to fight cancer. It’s TRUE 100% . Try to research that. And you’ll find out. Anyway, just droppin’ by!! Have a Great day!! God bless you

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