My Saturday journal

Not much going on today. I could of gone to snowboarding or a skate camping trip but I decided to stay in the town instead I spent all day digging email marketing for this site. Started at the Starbuck next door at around 12 PM then finished at home till around 6 PM. I have never done email blast before and it took me a while to figure out how to send emails to 20k users with the third party company I Anton recommend. I ended up sending out all 20k emails but my account got suspended right away cause of high bounce rate. Well, lesson learned. Now I know what to do to make this entire process better. Went to KTP to grab a quick dinner then spent more time at the coffee shop in K-town till Dosung called me. Back home around 9:30 PM then headed out to the bar in K-town around 11 PM. We did have couple drinks there and couple more places after. Back to his place after 2 AM and passed out there lol. Don’t feel very guilty about it tho since I got a lot done for this site.

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