To the mall on my own

So I’m feeling rather proud and confident today. 

I went to the mall ON MY OWN. Yeah, might not be that big of a deal for most people, but for someone who is really struggeling with anxiety it is! 😀 I actually was invited by a friend to go to the mall today, but I was still asleep when she texted me, still I went on my own since I had planned already from the day before (to go on my own).

I have actually never gone to the mall on my own before, and at this age thats kind of weird. I’ve always had my friends stand in the counter for me and pay for me while I wait for them to finish buying MY STUFF. Some friends have even gone tired of me always asking them so they literally stopped helping at all. In other words, I depend on my friends alot. 

But not today. I went on my own. Had some time for myself, walked around listening to music and checking out clothes and stuff. I actually bought myself a new hairdye, and don’t really understand why I’ve always been so scared. Actually, normal counters like in the clothing stores or beauty shops are fine, but like bigger stores that has those money machine things, those are scary. Small steps, and well those kind of shops arent that important anyway. 

I’m making a really big deal out of this, like im a child who bought a toy on her own for the first time. Well well, atleast my mother is proud of me, and yes I do feel like writing this long about it xD

And I felt I looked good today and felt really nice actually going out on my own. 

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