173 (dont waste your time on me)

I’ve never been confident in myself, or at least not  in my body. I remember in the fifth grade crying when my mom told me I gained weight, and suggested moving up to a size large. I had always been told not to eat much from her because of my weight even when i wasn’t very heavy. However at least them I was a bit more happy. I had many friends, and smiled a lot more. As of late being my junior year in high school I’ve become rather emotionless. I stay locked in my room reading smutty yaoi because I’m a horny pervert that has nothing better to do with my time. 

In school I don’t have many friends. Everyone thinks of me as some kinda weird stoner girls who doesn’t talk much, has piercings, and colored hair, but know one actually knows me. NOT  even the so called friends. 

The friends of mine complain all the time just about how the want a boyfriend or they just want someone to hookup with, but once they do they come crying to me because they were to easy and whatever guy they blew stopped talking to them because the just as fucking interesting as a white piece of toast.  

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