Almost arrived late to school. Physics, Biology, Computer class, French, Maths, Chemistry. Our Chemistry teacher (our ex-teacher that we had said goodbye to a week before) came to class today saying that she had been wrong and that today is actually the last day of her work here.

After school, I went to get my facial done. The lady who I had known from before had changed her hair. She has bangs and it is red now. She has big eyes. She was pretty. Although her teeth looked yellow and her skin looked dry, both due to smoking cigarettes. She was nice. Almost throughout the whole treatment, this trainee was standing there, looking at the lady just pop my pimples and put face mask on and all that. The trainee had around 4 piercings. Also I think she had eyelash extensions, they really looked like that. Anyway, what she did was start massaging my arms and hands by command of the lady as part of the facial (unusual) while my mask was setting. I knew she was going to see my long-healed scars. I didn’t exactly think that she would MAKE COMMENTARY though. When she said, “Oh…So you too?” I just felt…weird. Not angry, not awkward or very embarrassed. I said, “What? Oh that’s from quite some time ago…I regret doing it, really.” She said something about how her sister used to do it and how the scars show. It’s weird talking about something so personal with a complete stranger. Especially if those are the first words between you two. She shouldn’t have said anything, really.

When I got home, I mostly watched videos and ate food. I sort of dyed part of my sister’s hair black. Then we had a row. I unloaded, and then loaded the dishwasher with dirty dishes, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to a town nearby to see my dermatologist. That’s why I’ll only attend the 7th and 8th period of school. The lady at the beauty salon said that I should go make an ultrasound to see if I have polycystic ovaries. She also said that her “personal opinion” was that my pores are clogged and that pimples are traveling through my whole face just trying to find a place to come out.

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