Blame yourself, Not the country. Chapter 8


The nation’s renewal

By: Dr. Julito Tigley


Chapter 8


There was great jubilee after the revolution of the oppressed, but in spite of the new regime, people are still anxious, because some of the so called new leaders were formerly bigwigs of the dictator. Tatad, Maceda, Enrile, and Ramos were members of the so called Rolex 12, Enrile confessed about the ambushed drama he orchestrated just to make martial law declared in 1972. 


But, for God sake, they were able to let the first woman President, Cory Aquino took her oath and maybe, because of its hunger of freedom and independence, they find comfort of her. And to those, who disliked her they were in wait and see attitude, or they just showed their lukewarm attitude. But the church led by the famous Cardinal Sin, calmed down the antagonists, reasoning that Cory was just a Transitional President until such time everything is in place.  Even some of the Marcos Loyalist portrayed new pictures as if they were part of those who suffered in EDSA and claimed also as one of those affected by the drifted regime. But as usual, people are forgiving, let bygones be bygone.


Efren, Genaro’s Son is already working at the Philippine National Police, and it was the first time Genaro heard that Efren receive a commendation for the job well done during the EDSA revolution. Genaro is no longer interested in going back to Davao instead lived in Negros. After all, He had reflamed his old feeling to a lady who was his neighbor before. He works hard in his job, and also in his courtship with Estella.  He knows that their social level is a pole apart, but at this moment in time, that both of them are free, his desire is stronger. Estella is formerly a wife of a drunkard, and they have two sons, Marcos and Elvis. She is a Medical Technology Graduate, and had stayed in Canada, for a while. By reasons of incompatibility, they broke with its other.


And soon he has a good alibi; it will be his birthday in the next three days. He tried to invite Estella for a date and just to have dinner. Anyway as far he is concerned it does not matter, because his invitation does not have malice. After all, most of the people who knew them are no longer new for they were classmate in the elementary years. Estella did not refuse the invitation.


And soon his birthday came. And they were already on the way to the City. Along the route, they have seen people who are still in a celebratory mood about the new era of the Philippine History. Placards were displayed thanking God for the success of the peaceful revolution. But in the bus they were riding; they were sitting side by side. Genaro tried to hold the hand of Estela, although there was no refusal but just a while later, Estella put it down.  Sometimes, there eyes met, and surprised smile shines between them “I am happy to be with you today, you know as if the whole world is new”. He quips. “Don’t be so poetic, I am with you today and we have to talk more things”. She snapped it.


“Stel, the revolution is over, new life for the country and also for us”. He made an analogy of his feelings.


In Manila, there were already taking of oath of the various cabinet members, and Genaro was very happy to know that Inday Nita Cortes da Luz his favorite radio anchorwoman was also appointed as deputy secretary of Department of Local Government. And the newspaper is alive, and the press was full of freedom. The airwaves now could speak whatever they want. Former Senator Tolentino tried to lead the Marcos Loyalist, with a few military personnel. But it was just short-lived. They were dispersed and the Military was hauled back to the barracks, was even given a simple Pushed up only.


And there was the framing of the constitutions, and most of the framers were chosen by the New President. It was known as transitional Constitutions.


Whereas, Stella and Genaro were already in the City, and they were having their lunch in one of the best resto. Although Estella was very happy and eat so well, Genaro was anxious, because he felt and itchy feeling all over his body. He wanted right away to kiss her. “Why are you not eating well, eat! Eat please. Or else I will not make you happy after this”. Estella joked him. That was the time Genaro, started ingesting foods. Estella continued; “don’t you know that after this we will climb mountain in a very special place?” Genaro replied; “Estella you get me for that. You are very wise, and you apprehended me.”


After the sumptuous foods, laughter, and closeness, their yesterdays were refreshed. “How wonderful to have you today, and around me now is new, like I was born yesterday”. He quipped. She replied with a smile, and said, “Maybe, it was much better, had we done in our earlier year. You were just very elusive, and never care about me at that time. I envied Teresa at that time.” Genaro called a taxi.


Just a few minutes, they were already inside the Motel. He kissed right away, and Estella hugs him tightly, and said, “Genaro, we will take a bath first, any we will stay here for 6 hours”. But Genaro could not hold his, and it sounds like it is too hot to hold and it is exploding. He hold the hands of Estella and let it grope to his most important fleshy rudiment in his life. And everything was dramatized very carefully and it ended with no suspicions. They live very well again.


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