Blame yourself, Not the country Chapter 9

                                            Efren’s Dream

                                            Dr. Julito Tigley

                                                          Chapter 9


From Baguio City, he was moved to Isabela, in the town of Saint Mathieu. He was very satisfied with his new assignment, knowing that the place is not a trouble spot. Although, he knows that the Diy Family was charged of dynasty that runs the political system in the province, but some of the people there are starting to wake up. Grace Padaca, one of the critics of the family, gains some faithful, and perceived by the diy family as a threat. It is a beautiful valley, and it is mostly planted with rice. Formerly this province was known as the tobacco capital of the Philippines.


But his dreams which is now embedded in his mind, is that he could find a lady for his life. It will always run into his mind the life of his family, about his mother, and in life in Davao. His handsome younger brother, Ninoy, if alive is already 12 years old, and he could be almost a young man also. “The last time I heard news about him was that he was abducted by a group of young kids, but someone identified him that he is okay with them” He said to himself… His strong presumption is that he is alive, and that is his foremost dream he wanted to find out.


In San Mathieu, he met beautiful lass, and her name is Abelina, a daughter of one of the owner of the hacienda. It was fiesta time when they met, and it seems that both of them have an eye to each other. One of the Ramones family there told him not to push through, because the woman has already a betroth.


And one afternoon, a Police asset, Mang Bert, who came from the mountain suddenly, barged in, and reported that their small village was siege by a group of bandit. And one of his cousins was shot and killed. Some of the houses were burned; “Sir, I am one of the Barangay Police in our barrio. Our village is undersieged by a group of person who is heavily armed. Some houses were burned and maybe to those who had run they might be injured by gunshots”. As reported. The young lieutenant right away assembled his police squad, “I will be the one to lead this mission, and to those who would go with me, should show your respect and integrity, and since we are in this problem, if they will not surrender, we have to shoot them, but if the need arise we have to kill them; Please obey my command.” He asserted.


They were already on the way to the mountain, and they passed along riverbanks, narrow roads, and underneath trees that inside it created a gloom of shadow. They were ready to fire back in case they are ambushed. Efren’s buddy in the Police Squad was one of the highly look up shooter in the department, and he was T/Sgt. Agcaoli. Then, Mang Berto told them, to go slow because they were already closer to the place. The bandit were very happy drinking and having a party. They were waiting for the right time.


When the time came, one by one they crawled like wolves; even if they passed by on some manure they never thought it anyway. Efren found a good timing, when the leader of the group was fast asleep. He barged in and with his knife pointed on the neck and his hand holding the head, and said “Sabas, the time has come, tell all your friends to surrender!” But one tried to fire their armalite, but with a split second, Agcaoli, responded, hitting at the left breast area. And that was reasons; the other four raised their hands in surrender.


It was good news for the province, and the Provincial Commander commended him with a medal. The town was terrified by the consequence, and most people were now talking about him. He made an immediate name on the place and he was now a daily chores. One woman said, “Aha, he is single, Pala! If he ever court me, surely, my yes will always be ready to reply”.. Chief Efren is a Cowboy like, and he can shoot with less difficulty, and he was one of the best in the Official ranking as a shooter.


On his way to the market one day, he accosted a running three brigand, and then shouted, “Stop! Stop! This is a police, if you will continue running, I’m going to pull the trigger,” The three was force to stop. And they surrendered. The store where they robbed was very thankful. That would be news for the town. They now felt much secured.


Because of his fairness, some politician does not like it. When it comes to work, he considers his job as noble and honorable, and he said it should be respected. The former Chief of Police who he succeeded was marked with bad reputation that is why, people has a bad impression of the force. Now that he is regaining it, some sectors now felt the pressure. Councilmen, who wanted to negotiate for a certain crime, will have a hard time, because the guy has a wish to change the notion of the town.


Sgt. Agcaoli opens his office and whisper to him, “Sir, Abelina had just arrive, and if you wanted to visit her. Just tell me, and Ill be the one to contact her”.  He answered “She is just a friend, and that would not be a problem, try Sarg.”


In one of the Restaurant, Sarge Agcaoli prepared for the dinner, and Abilena came in. “Efren you are a celebrity now. My entire maids were talking about you. Your bravery and the way you handle the Police Force. I am very proud of you”. Started Abilena. “Aha, I am just trying to impress you maybe. But the truth is, that is my job, and I have to uphold it.  Thanks for the complement”. Then he continued, “How is your boyfriend?” She answered, “No more with him. I don’t want anymore to continue our communication. It might only hinder the chances of others”. Efren snapped it by saying, “Are you joking?”

Not to wait for too long, they went together to a party, and there was dancing, a bit drinking and it was that time that, Efren had a chance to talk to her about his true feelings. “Abe, the truth is, I can not help myself thinking of you always. This is the right time now to look for a woman to be my life’s partner; I hope you would not refuse me”. And Abilena just showed gesture of kissing him, a way of telling him that it is yes. They were kissing right away, and they have enjoyed the night with torrid kissing, that ended them in a motel for three hours.

Although so sudden, their love affair became known to the town. And it was that time he received lots of letter, some are threatening, or embarrassing just to cool off his desire.


Nevertheless their emotion was too intense, and whenever they see each other they have to look for a place where they can squeeze it off. And three days after, Abilena phone him, that she is going back to manila. She was called by her Brother to come over, to help manage their hospital. Her brother is a Surgeon and known to community circle as a prestigious man.


In sadness for the sudden departure, he had some sleepless nights, and sometimes he is out of his mind. He became irritable, and his men in uniform detected it. Sarge Agcaoli tried to talk to him, but he was so silent about the true nature of his feeling. “Sarge, I think, I am so much in love with Abilene, I believe this is the root cause of problem, maybe I have to ask her hand so that I could live a better life.” He confided. “Sir, you have a letter from her, maybe, reply her letter also, and propose what is in your mind.”Agcaoli gave him some good hints. Then, went to the post office and took some of the letters there. Agcaoli gave him the letter whose sender came from Manila. “I think sir, this is from her, and this is not officials.” Efren opened and read it.  It said “Efren, I am very much in love with you, but by reason that I am married already, I can not extend our relationship forever. It would be good for us, because this not a good idea. Actually, the one that force me to go home was my husband. I have already three daughters.” Like he was hit by a lightning, and he felt shocky, but the tears that rolled on his cheek, could not be stopped.


A little bit frustrated and haggard for having a continued sleeplessness, Efren still tried himself to be composed, just to mask himself about the sudden impact he succumbed from the information he received before. He reported again for duty and manages the affair, in such a way that the people will not detect, and at the same time also, whenever, he will leave the town, no one will talk about him in bad light. His had been five years there, and you will be mistaken now, because he spoke the dialect fluently. Crime became less, and there was peace in the area.


Soon it came into his mind to ask for transfer to his home province, Davao, in Mindanao because he wanted to find out the true nature of the sudden disappearance of his brother. Although, his youngest brother was controversial, but by reason that he is the son of his mother he still love him so very much. His long time classmate, whom he had a puppy love affair, is his dream to have her as his wife. He sent a letter to Camp Crame for his application. Being a Captain and also from Mindanao, there is a great chance that it will be approved.

After a month of waiting, he received a radio message, to forward to Camp Crame to process all his papers, for immediate transfer. Davao is now restless, and the problem again of insurgency resurfaces.


They soon started to miss this guy, and folks were preparing to tender him, a farewell party.


On the eve of his departure, the pompous celebrations was done, and there was even dancing to the best tune, hug and cries especially to those who were protected and served, showed and some even spoke testimonies of generosity, which is generally rare to men in uniform.


The following day, in the afternoon, he was already in Camp Crame. He took all his papers, and he was now prepared to leave to his home province of Davao. His dream now is almost true.











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