Calm thoughts

So today I had a 90 minute conversation with her things went well the plate was cleared everything was put out there she did cut me some slack I asked her what was up with the in the window question, she said someone filed a police report about a person climbing in the window she said that the person must’ve known the one I love and I personally because The person knew about things like my appointments, my living arrangement how we are sneaking around when the one I love  would be there when she wouldn’t by giving up a schedule like that she was on several occasions able to get a visual confirmation that the things that were reported were happening that’s how she’s known that’s why she’s been pressing me I’m not trying to start anything with anyone what use would that be I know that it couldn’t have been my parents I know that it couldn’t have been uncle Bill because none of these parties knew she was living at my house I love her with all of my heart I will try and journal more often I’ve just been on the phone that’s all the curfew thing is cool it means that if approved I won’t be moving to a halfway house here’s some other things to consider she said she was willing to revisit contact if the one I love gets an expungement or a pardon so the conversation went really well things are a lot clearer now but things are also very crystal-clear that it’s the one I love can’t get one of the two things above contact for 15 months will result in me taking an extended trip to Kansas

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