Done with negativity

I am no longer going to live my life as a prisoner.  If people do not bring happiness to my life then I will simply not bother with them.

Some people only want you in their lives if your living by their terms and they don’t actually give a damn about your wants and needs.  I’m done with negative people who only want me as and when it suits them.  Done with people who use me.

I am beginning to value myself, I am just as important as anyone else.  I deserve to be treated with respect. 

From now on I am going to do my best to voice how I grisly feel.  I will be courteous but firm.  Being honest with people will instantly cut off the people who don’t deserve to have a place in my life.  The ones who can’t handle the truth will disappear.

I am done with playing games and giving people too many chances.  My focus is on being happy and developing myself. For this to happen  I need to be surrounded by positive people who can bring joy into my life.

Friendships and relationships work both ways, there should be as much give as there is take. 



2 thoughts on “Done with negativity”

  1. It seems like you have productively observed those around you in a manner that can only benefit you. Sadly, people do often try to bring others down for their own needs and desires and never take a moment to consider the other person’s feelings. You are on the right path to a truly positive lifestyle. Keep your focus on your self development, you’re doing a great job!

  2. Thank you. I know I need to let go of having high expectations of people, I always get wounded when people don’t live up to my values. Everyone had their own set of beliefs of what’s right and wrong. I need to remember I can’t change people, but I can chose which people I put my energy into.

    I guess the reason it gets to me and the reason it hurts is because it makes me feel inadequate. I feel that if the person liked and cared enough for me then they would behave differently.

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