Dispatches from Yappyville (v)

March 4, 2017

(early evening)

  Last night I tried not taking any sleep-aid at all just to see how it would work out. I stayed up pretty late intentionally, probably close to one in the morning. I suppose that I wanted to wait until I felt tired enough where I thought I would have a better chance of passing out quickly. Basically, the whole night was quite strange (stranger than usual I should say). I was getting harassed by “them” as usual with the voices and the physical sensations. The physical disturbances were quite annoying. I kept feeling slight pokes and pinches coming up through my mattress again. This is a weird experience I can tell you that. It’s as if one of these entities is literally inside the mattress and was able to freely move around. It is occupying the same space as physical matter, but it can seem to move very freely through it as if it were moving through empty air.

  Another thing that was strange about last night was that it was almost as if I never reached a state where I was fully asleep, at least that’s how it seemed. Quickly enough, I seemed to reach this state of being half-asleep, but it felt like I pretty much stayed in this half-asleep/half-awake state for most of the night. I remember being aware of the physical sensations pretty much all night long and the presence of the voices as well. But, in a way it wasn’t like I was fully awake either. It was a strange experience.

  Basically, what this tells me is that I’m not ready yet to remove taking a sleep-aid from my routine. I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted like I got no sleep at all, but I wouldn’t say that I felt like I had gotten a full night of rest either. It’s quite obvious that if I’m not completely passed out, then these entities are still going to try and mess with me as much as they can and try and disturb me throughout the night as much as possible. Like I wrote about earlier, every once and awhile, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and it’s almost as if these entities aren’t there at all, it’s like they left and went somewhere else. But, last night it was quite clear to me that they stayed around me throughout the night, knowing that I was not fully asleep and they were obviously trying to disturb me as much as they could.

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