Wed. Library Day

Today was a lovely day spent together.

Our day started with some organic chemistry. 
There is nothing more cuter than seeing the back of your head in the classroom.

After classes, we drove to the jewelry place to pick up my ring. We were so happy to get it back and my finger has never looked this beautiful with your ring on before :’). Thank you baby, for making me yours<3.

We then picked up some beet juice at our favorite store, and drove to the library.
We had a nice time in the parking lot, and a productive time at the library. It was very nice, us two, sitting at a table, working and occasionally looking up to see the other one across the table (mostly me though. John was very focused :)). 
John gave me some books to aid my study in chemistry.
He was able to learn and understand a great deal in organic, while I worked on my essay and watched coursera videos.
It was a very nice day today~~

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