EVP Danger : The Rabbit Hole

March 3, 2017

10:50 pm

  I just took three doses of sleep-aid and am about to make my first attempt at sleep. I tried to take a short nap earlier this evening and I did doze off for a little while. But, when I woke up, I realized right away that I was being hit with the disrupting physical disturbances.  I can hear “them” yapping away right now as I write this. I can block out the words, but there’s still this noise to their presence, it’s hard to describe. I try not to listen. It’s never anything worth hearing really.

  In the past, every once and a while they would say something that would catch my interest. It wasn’t so much that they were saying something positive, not at all. It’s just that every now and again they would say something that would get me thinking for at least a little while. Basically, they would occasionally say something that would get me pondering over the meaning of what they meant. But, I soon realized that this is just another mind game tactic of theirs.

  I’ve heard them saying contradicting things so many times that I just find it completely futile and frustrating to try and analyze anything that they say at all. It’s almost like some kind of “boy who cried wolf” syndrome that I’m experiencing. I’ve simply been lied to and led down the rabbit hole so many times by these oppressive entities that I’ve simply given up on taking anything that they say into consideration.

  In fact, they could be telling me something that was 100% truthful and in any other circumstance, it might be extremely fascinating.  But, at this point in my own situation, I just really don’t care about what they say anymore. It’s along the lines of…if you keep lying to a person for long enough, they might just start to not believe anything that you say. This is exactly where I’m at and I actually feel that it has helped me in dealing with this situation.

  Yes, I am still aggravated at times that I am still hearing these harassing and intrusive voices, but the content of what the voices are saying has little to no effect on me now what so ever. This was not always the case though. Back when this situation was just beginning for me back in 2015, aside from dealing with the anxiety of just hearing these voices (at a more intense level then) once “they” came out of the recordings and with dealing with the physical sensations/disturbances also, I was unfortunately   allowing myself to be manipulated and further driven into a state of despair by these trickster entities, because I was thinking more about and sometimes even believing the things that they were saying to me.

  I was in fact allowing their mind games to have an effect. By believing the things that they were telling me, I was unfortunately allowing them to send me further and further down the rabbit hole. But, eventually I started to wise up to the mind games that they were playing and I became more and more suspicious of things that they were saying to me. Then it reached a point where I just didn’t believe any of it and I think that this is a wise path to follow.

  I see no signs that these entities that oppress me are changing their ways and their malevolent nature any time soon. Perhaps such a change is in fact possible, but I’m just saying that I haven’t personally seen any evidence of this yet. So, I do think that just simply dismissing and not giving any credence to anything that they are saying was a good move and I fully intend to keep sticking to this approach. In a way, I pretty much have simply made it a personal policy for myself. I do feel that this has helped me to deal with the situation and it has in fact rendered one of their original tactics that they used against me (psychological mind games) as essentially ineffective now.


2 thoughts on “EVP Danger : The Rabbit Hole”

  1. I can very much relate to when you say “There is still this noise to their presence” At the beginning of their bodily ‘occupation’ of me I couldn’t stand the silences they just seemed so loaded, that was before they started speaking into my mind. I’ve learnt to stop them speaking into my mind, or I know when they are about to and stop it but there is that constant ‘lurking’ presence..In fact, one of the worst things in this whole experience is the constant feeling of surveillance, the complete lack of freedom. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to enjoy silence and true freedom.

    You’re also on the money when you say “It’s never anything worth hearing.”

    Edit* I thought you were hearing them in your mind, which i know some people have after using instrumental trans comm and i myself do now (hear them in my mind) since they gained bodily access to me. Yes they can indeed manipulate any sound in our atmosphere to make themselves audible..

    (I am ‘Portsmouth Possessed’ from YT btw)

  2. I hear them a few different ways, sometimes yes, it’s more internal…in my head essentially, in fact, I just experienced that again today…..but mostly, I hear them strongest when there’s a noise around, it’s like they use it to amplify the volume, then at night I’ll often hear real whispery voices that seem to be coming from across the room, then, I often also get this fainter-but still high pitch voice that gets right up to my ear it seems….so I hear them a few different ways, but hearing them internal has become less frequent anymore for the most part.

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