why don’t people want to spend time with me?

this whole year, i don’t think i’ve been asked even once outright if i wanted to hang out.

it’s quite pathetic, really.

i don’t try to be a loner or anything, but i feel like i give off a vibe of not wanting to do things with people out of school.

or maybe i’m just not likeable.

i really wish i had some kind of social life.

i wish people would want to spend time with me. i wish they would tell me that. i wish i wouldn’t always have to be the one to ask.

One thought on “3.2.2017”

  1. I feel exactly the same way. People in todays society are too caught up in what or who they should be talking to and if they see the slightest bit of different in someone they are to afraid to embrace that which sucks for them because i bet these selfish people are missing out on meeting an amazing person. I know it’s hard but try keep your head up 🙂

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