March already. I think I might go mad from the amount of things that have March deadlines. Everything has a March deadline. AP exam registration, Fountainhead essay, Writers Square essay (first division), CollegePrep Scholarship, English research paper, physics project, geography project, Invisible Man read-by dates. Everything is happening in March. And yet we must march on…

Today when I was writing the date on my homework, I had a brain skip and almost wrote 2/29, but then I asked my friend what day it was, and she reminded me that it’s March 1st already (and 2017 is NOT ¬†leap year). I can’t believe that it’s only March yet also ALREADY March.

I think I might have to give up on trying to write the Fountainhead scholarship essay.

It’s Wednesday. Today the sky was a perfect searing blue and the wind kept the air from getting too humid, although it did make my eyes very dry, and then teary.

My little gift still hasn’t come, and I’m nervous. I just KNOW it’ll spring up on me soon. One reason is because my hormones are out of whack and I’m even more moody than normal, as evidenced by the fact that today, when I saw that really pretty boy that I always pass in the hall on the way to fourth period, my heart stuttered because of how nice he looked. New shirt, apparently–still black and white, of course, but it was an actual patterned, collared shirt rather than the black leather jacket he normally always wears, and it looked amazing on him. It’s INCREDIBLE how stupid I am, thinking how pretty he looks when I don’t even know his NAME, for fuck’s sake. It’s PATHETIC. But anyway, I was also feeling myself get really excited about the most STUPID things, like the way the lightbulbs lit up in today’s physics circuits lab (I remember squealing internally at how cute they were), and other, equally trivial, things. Which, sometimes, is normal for me, but I don’t like it, anyway.

I should stop wasting time writing this. Jesus. I have so much to do! What am I even doing, procrastinating?!

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  1. It’s so cool that you have a crush and get excited about “trivial” things. I just find it so American-high-schoolish and interesting lol. Anyway, have a nice weekend!

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