Day 2 – 30 Days of Scripture 1 Samuel 1:7-20

Today’s scripture teaches me to trust God with my prayers.  Hannah prays for a son and offers him to God if he will answer her prayers. She soon conceives and delivers her son.  Hannah trusts her prayer and God. 

I always try to pray, sometimes I forget, mostly I fall asleep before I am finished.  In the morning I will remember and finish my prayers.   Since last July I have changed the way I pray and instead of asking for things I want or need, I offer my prayers to others who need them.  Someone in my life who is suffering illness, sadness, doubt or pain.  

God already knows my prayer needs; so offering them for others sends more power into the prayer.  Have my prayers ever been answered?  I trust they have been. I trust God.  

Water: No more dehydration.  Lots of trips to the little girl’s room. My body is very exhausted today so I took a rest day.

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